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Liberal Feminism
All human beings should have equal rights
The progress towards equal rights can be achieved through the gradual reform in society
Women can achieve equal rights through reform
Liberal feminist work for laws and policies against sexual…

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-Political lesbianism: some heterosexual relationships are regarded as `sleeping with the
enemy' and therefore lesbianism is the only form of escape from men's oppression
Marxist Feminism

Women's subordination rotted by capitalism
Functions of capitalism:
- Reserve army of labour: women are a source of cheap, exploitable labour for employers

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Rather than representing a change to a new, postmodernist society, modern society itself
is changing
Late modernists also differ from postmodernists because they still accept the
Enlightenment project and the belief that it is possible to improve humankind through
objective knowledge

Late modern society is characterised by rapid change…

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- National state boundaries breaking down
- Global companies create a global culture
- Global media gives us images of what happens elsewhere
- The economy of one country influences the economy of another
- Led to a time-space compression
- Distances between individuals are reduced e.g. we can…

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Baudrillard describes this as hyper-reality
- The signs are more real than reality itself
Baudrillard argues such signs are meaningless because they do not represent anything real
However, most people can see the distinction between reality and fiction. Individuals do
not simply passively accept the image of events portrayed by…


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