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Gender, Feminism and
Religion…read more

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Women Women
used to be were seen
seen as as closer to
more nature, a
Goddess key part of
like and religion
Armstrong -
Men have a
much more
spirituality.…read more

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Religion IS patriarchal...
Marxist Feminists
Patriarchal attitudes
believe women are
stop women becoming
given an IOU to make
up for poor treatment.
The New Testament claims
Men were made in the The Qur'an states `men are
image of God but women in charge of women'
were made for men.
Women's body is seen as
The Bible is made up and
dangerous in some
written by men
religions ( menstruation)
Jewish men assume that At weddings women agree
women are inferior to obey their husbands.…read more

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Religion ISN'T patriarchal
For some woman
In 1992 the CofE
the Vail is seen as
made priesthood to
women open .
Gender s been
language ymns and
added to yers
pra ly
is h m e n can on
Jew b e Jewish
claim to
allowed a r e J e wish by
is m h a s women lood
to b e co me Rabis b
woman…read more

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Why are Women more religious than
Greely ­ Childbirth
Miller ­ Woman are
makes women want
more likely to express
to protect their
interest in religion
offspring more,
and attend church
churches offer
Miller &Hoffman ­
Differential Glock & Stark ­
Association (Brought Compensation for
up religious) and deprivation both
Differential Roles ethical (morals) and
(More time, less social deprivation.
work)…read more

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Why do they join...
With a wider diversity of
Almost 2/3 of church
sects woman tend not
goers are woman. E.g
to feature in the top of
Christian Scientists
Ratio 20/80.
However there was a
Age and Social factors
female leader of `The
effect the level of
Resturation of the 10
religious commitment
Commandments'…read more

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