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Feminist Strands

Liberal Feminism
These are feminists who gender inequalities are a result of a patriarchal culture which encourages gender role
socialization during primary socialisation e.g. men encouraged to be strong, physical and the `earner'/ women as
housewives, dependent, caring, inferior. They are strong believers in gender equality through campaigning…

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Marxist Feminism: claim that the main cause of women's oppression in the family is capitalism, not men. They see
the oppression of women in the family as linked to the exploitation of the working class, whereby women face double
exploitation ­ patriarchy and capitalism.

Women's oppression performs several functions for…

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Difference Feminism
These feminists argue that previous strands fail to take into account the fact that there are no fixed certainties
about gender and sexuality; men and women will not behave in a particular way automatically. Not all men
oppress women within families and use patriarchy to assert their dominance;…


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