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Many feminists are very negative about the society we live in and believe that gender is a major
source of inequality and conflict in our society and around the world.
Most feminists believe that society is male dominated- this is called patriarchy. According to this, men
have more power and prestige than women across a range of social institutions.
Feminists look at society on a large scale. They want to generalise their ideas about males and
females to the whole society.
Feminists also believe that society is based on conflict. The conflict is between the sexes. They
believe that women have been disadvantaged in society and that men have more power than
women and this it is not right.
Women generally have less economic power than men; earning less than men for similar posts plus
more likely to live in poverty.
Women are still the main carers of children and continue to uphold the household duties even if
working full time. This is unequal division of labour.


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