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Negative feedback restores systems to their original level.…read more

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Positive results in greater from the original
Positive is often with a of control in
Candidates should be able to interpret diagrammatic representations of negative and positive feedback.…read more

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Control of mammalian oestrus
The mammalian oestrous cycle is controlled by FSH, LH, progesterone and oestrogen.
Candidates should be able to interpret graphs showing the blood concentrations of FSH, LH, progesterone
and oestrogen during a given oestrous cycle. Changes in the ovary and uterus lining are not required.…read more

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Illustrations of the stages in the menstrual cycle
Stages in the menstrual cycle
4…read more

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The secretion of FSH, LH, and oestrogen is
controlled interacting negative and positive
5…read more

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Mechanisms…read more

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Mechanisms…read more


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