February 1917 Revolution- Russia

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February 1917 Revolution Russia
Short term causes
Cost of living increased by 300%
Harsh winter of 1916= mounting problems on food
24hour queues for goods
Death rate rising
Anti gov mood low morale
9th jan 140,00 workers strike in Petrograd (remember name change of St. Petersburg
because too German during war)
14th feb 100,000 workers strike
19th feb bread rationing= riots in Petrograd
23rd feb international women's day peaceful turned into large scale protest by female
Persuaded male workers to join
100,000 people
Contributing factors pre 1914
Poor living & working conditions
Autocracy middle class wanted more power
Peasant grievances
Radical opposition parties
Tsar weak and undeceive
Impact of WW1
Food shortages
Low wages
High taxes
Duma asks for more powers refused by Tsar
High causalities
Sept 1915 Tsar goes to front and leaves Tsarina (German woman) and Rasputin in
charge= looks bad
The end of Nicholas
March 1st last bid to take control
Train back to Petrograd stopped ­ in railway siding on march 2nd abdicates the throne
to his son Alexei BUT too ill cousin BUT refuses
End of Romanov dynasty since 1613
March 3rd PRINCE Lvov became P.M of new gov
Unplanned demonstrations had resulted in a political rev


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