Features of the NHS

General summary of the feautures of the NHS for AS level Geography, Health

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Features of the NHS (UK)
Started in 1948
Universal healthcare for the whole population
People have equal access to healthcare (a certain
standard) regardless of socio-economic status may
not be totally true i.e. Postcode Lottery
Set list of prescription drugs available can pay for
other drugs not on list e.g. Cancer drugs
Funding taxes, private donations, National Insurance
Contributions, lottery funding
Access to services through GP's (mainly) e.g. Physio,
Maternity, Consultants (Private Healthcare can speed
this process up)
GP's are free
Prescriptions free for elderly, children in full time
education, others pay (except Scotland, where they
are free) Postcode Lottery
Private Healthcare faster process, access to better
consultants faster, some better care i.e. in Private

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NHS used to be split into trusts e.g. Northamptonshire
Trust (make some decisions on funding) trying to
now make GP's more in charge of funding and where it
State supported
Dentists- mainly private practices
Mainly preventative i.e. vaccines for children to reduce
incidence of disease and also screening to pick up
problems early e.g. cervical cancer, breast cancer
screening (mammograms), mobile units in the
community e.g.…read more

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Postcode Lottery where you live can influence the
type of treatment and level of care you get e.g. free
prescriptions in Scotland, better Hospital ratings,
shorter or longer waiting lists, cancer treatment, types
and standards of consultants...
Costly i.e. a lot of tax goes into the NHS and it is
Pressure on Services e.g.…read more

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Savings increasing efficiency
Reduced workload for doctors
Private companies taking over the running of NHS
hospitals and clinics
Increased Private Healthcare sector…read more


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