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PLANTS 1. Multi-cellular Cereals,
2. Contain chloroplasts e.g. maize
so can Herbaceou
photosynthesise s legumes,
3. Cell walls made of e.g. peas
cellulose and beans
4. Store carbohydrates
as sucrose or starch
ANIMALS 1. Multi-cellular Mammals,
2. No chloroplasts so e.g. humans
can't Insects, e.g.
photosynthesise houseflies…

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then absorb the
6. Store carbohydrates
as glycogen
PROTOCTISTS 1. Single-celled and Chlorella
microscopic (plant-cell-
2. Some contain like)
chloroplasts and are Amoeba
similar to plant cells (animal-cel
3. Others are more like l-like) ­
animal cells lives in
pond water

BACTERIA 1. Single-celled and Lactobacill
microscopic us

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material (either DNA
or RNA)


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