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The Chemicals of Life ­ Fats

Fats are made of glycerol and fatty acids

Contain 3 types of atoms: carbon hydrogen and oxygen
Fatty acids and glycerol are each molecules. Every one glycerol has 3 long molecules of fatty acids
Also known as a lipid and is broken down by…

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Not usually normally used for energy but for repairing and making cells
Cell membranes and cytoplasm contain a lot of protein
Needed to make anti bodies which fight bacteria and viruses
Enzymes are made from proteins

Plants and animal foods are good sources of Protein

Plants use some of their…

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Plants store carbohydrates as starch. It's easy to change from starch to glucose and vice versa
Animals store carb's as glycogen in liver & muscles in small amounts

Carb's mostly from plant based food

Plants make their own carb's by photosynthesis
Animals and fungi get it from food they eat


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