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What is the glucose used for? 14
1) Glucose (sugar) can be used to make long chains of starch...
Glucose Starch
molecules molecule
2) Glucose can be used to make cellulose for cell walls...
Glucose Cellulose
3) Glucose can be combined with nitrates to make proteins (for growth)...
molecules Proteins
4) Glucose can be converted into lipids (fats or oils) to store in seeds...
Glucose Lipid structure
molecules…read more

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Various pictures of xylem 14
Xylem cells are long tubes
that carry water up the
plant. Their walls are
strengthened with rings
of lignin. The movement
of water does not require
energy.…read more

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Various pictures of Phloem 14
Phloem cells are also
long tubes that carry
the sugars around the
plant. They use energy
to move substances.…read more


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