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There are many different ways of classifying farming activities. In
MEDCs like the UK, farmers growing crops and rear animals for
sale, hoping to make a profit. This is called commercial farming. In
LEDCs there is also commercial farming but many farmers grow
only enough to feed their families. This is called subsistence
farming. Farming can also be classified according to:
An arable farm grows
A mixed farm grows crops
and rears animals
specialisation A pastoral farm rears
animals…read more

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Extensive farming is where
Intensive farming is the farm size is very large
where the farm is small comparing with either the
in size compared to the amount of money spent on
numbers working Intensity of land it or the number of people
working there.
Nomadic farming is where farmers move from one area to another. Most farming is `sedentary', that means its based in
the same place every year.
Farming operating as a system, with a series of inputs, process and outputs. Inputs are what goes into the system: they
can be divided into physical, human and economics inputs.…read more

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Farming operates as a
system, with a series of
input, processes and
Outputs are the products of
the farm
Inputs are what go into a
Inputs system: they can be divided
into physical, human and
economic inputs
Processes are the activities on
the farm which turn the inputs Processes
into outputs…read more

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Thorn park is a diary farm to the west of
It is located in an undulating valley floor,
surrounded by hills, which provide
shelter from the prevailing winds which
blow of the North Sea.
The main part of the farm is
72 ha in size, although
further 36 ha are rented at This video will tell you more about dairy farming
Irton, 8km away.
They have a herd of 110
Friesian diary cows. Reasons for the family to be dairy
Each cow produces an average of
·The climate, it too wet and the soils
7000 litres of milk a year.
to heavy, to grow crops profitable.
·Farm is too small to grow crops…read more

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