Farmers - Problems + Solutions

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Farmers ­ Problems + Solutions
· Farming ­ hard crust on soil, couldn't afford a plough or machinery,
not enough workers
Solutions ­ teams of 'sodbusters' using steel ploughs did the first
ploughing, after 1880 thresher teams travelled around following the
harvest (farmers could hire them)
· Drought ­ only 38cm of rain per year, hot summers evaporated
dampness, 1860 terrible droughts followed by fires
Solutions ­ the well driller and wind pump allowed deep wells to be
dug which gave water, new methods of dry farming were invented
(imported Turkey Red Wheat from Russia)
· Food ­ couldn't grow enough on farms to feed family
Solutions ­ government realised 160 acres wasn't enough, the Timber
Culture Act of 1873 gave farmers another 160 acres free if they grew
some trees
· Fences ­ lack of wood, couldn't keep cattle off crops, trouble with
Solutions barbed wire (Joseph Glidden 1874)
· Insect Pests ­ grasshopper plagues 1870s, colorado beetle destroyed
potato crops
Solutions ­ settlers tried to harvest crops before grasshoppers came,
government raised relief funds, modern insecticides solved problem
· Law + Order ­ rival settlers, bandits, renegade native americans,
vigilante cattlemen
Solutions ­ law courts + sheriffs such as Wyatt Earp slowly
established law + order


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