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Paul Ehrlich (14 March 1854 ­ 20 August 1915) was a German
scientist in the fields of hematology,
immunology, and chemotherapy. He is noted
for curing syphilis and for his research
in autoimmunity, calling it "horror
autotoxicus". He coined the term
chemotherapy and popularized the
concept of a…read more

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What's a magic bullet?
· are a natural defence mechanism of
the body against . Antibodies only attack .
­ so they were nicknamed
Paul Ehrlich set out to create synthetic
And found a chemical treatment for syphilis…read more

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This is what happened…read more

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First, Ehrlich discovered
dyes that could kill malaria
and Sleeping sickness
germs...…read more

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Then, in 1905 the Spirochete
Bacterium that causes
syphilis was identified...…read more

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