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Family Structure and Parental
Support In
Achievement…read more

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Family Structure and Parental
· Culture deprivation theorists argue that failure to socialise children is
the result of a dysfunctional family structure.
· For example Daniel Moynihan argues that because many black
families are headed by a lone mother she has to struggle financial
and because of the lack of a father figure it means that boys lack a
male role model of achievement.
· He sees culture deprivation as a cycle where children from unstable
families fail and become inadequate parents themselves.…read more

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The New Right Theory
· They have a similar explanation.
· For example, Charles Murray says that a high rate of lone
parenthood and a lack of positive male role models lead
to under achievement.
· Anthony Flew believes that ethnic differences in
achievement stem from cultural differences outside the
education system.
· Roger Scruton sees the low achievement as a result from
a failure to embrace mainstream British culture.…read more

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Ken Pryce (1979)
· Ken Pryce sees family structure as contributing to the
under achievement of black Caribbean pupils in Britain.
· He says that Asian pupils are higher achievers because
their culture is more resistant to racism so they have a
greater sense of self-worth.
· He argues that black Caribbean culture is less resistant
to racism so many black pupils have low self-esteem and
under-achieve. He argues that this is because of the
experience of slavery was culturally devastating for
blacks as they lost their language, religion and entire
family system.…read more


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