Family Revision Guide

I made this revision guide as there was a lack of any revision books suitable.

There are several typo's etc but everything included is essential knowledge to pass the Family AQA exam, taken from the textbook, Harralambus and teachers notes.

As its more consise it should hopefully help,

Good luck!

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The Family
By Jennifer O'Sullivan
PAGES 38-45
Ideal of the family
Family is the cornerstone of our social world
Refuge form stresses of the outside world
A place where we can feel loved for who we are rather than what we are
May be characterised by violence, abuse and isolation
Nuclear family = Just parents & dependant children
Extended family = 3 generations living under one roof

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Marxist Perspective on the family
Conflict…read more

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Marxist sociologists see capitalist society as based on an unequal conflict between two classes:
The capitalist class, who own the means of production
The working class whose labour the capitalists exploit for profit
They see all societies' institutions, such as the education system, the media, religion, along with the family
as helping to maintain class inequality and capitalism.
So, to the Marxists, the function of the family is purely for the benefit of
capitalist system.…read more

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Society also emphasises the importance of having the latest and greatest goods and people,
especially children, who do not have these `new' products are often looked down on.
Therefore, Marxists see the family in a negative light, as they believe that they maintain a capitalist
society; the inheritance of private property, socialisation into acceptance of equality and a primary
source of profits. These factors Marxists believe do not benefit society but it does CAPITALISM.
Criticisms of the Marxists perspective on the family:
1.…read more

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Criticisms on the perspective on the family
1. They are all structural theories
a. Assume families + members are `passive puppets' manipulated by the structure of society
2. They all assume that the traditional nuclear family is the dominant family type
a.…read more

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Feminists- see the family as serving the needs of men and exploiting women
Marxists- argue that it meet as the needs of capitalism not those of family members or society as a whole.…read more

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Medieval society
Parental attitudes towards children in the middle ages were also different. High death rates encouraged
indifference and neglect especially towards infants.
Modern notion of childhood...…read more

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Has the position of children improved?
March of progress view
steadily improving
Aries and Shorter agree that children are now more valued, better cared for, protected and
Conflict View
Other view is based on false and idealised image that ignores important inequalities
Inequalities between children and adults is greater than ever
Neglect and abuse
Controlled by adult
Future of childhood
Childhood has changed and could change again
Neil Postman says that childhood is disappearing, clothes and leisure activities the same again
Middle ages; most…read more


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