Family Questions


  • Definition questions (2 marks)
  • Suggest Two ways questions (4 marks)
  • Identify three ways questions (6 marks)
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Expressive roles
Birth rate
Fertility rate
Serial monogamy
Two ways in which family life may have a harmful effect on women:
Two reasons why loneparent families are more likely to be female headed:
Two reasons why women might delay having children:
Two reasons for the increase in cohabitation:
Two reasons why people might migrate to the UK:
Two ways government policies shape the experience of childhood today:
Three reasons why the death rate has decreased since 1900's:
Three reasons why there has been an increase in 1 person households:
Two ways in which the position of children could have been said to improve
over the last 100 years:
Three ways in which childhood may not be a positive experience for some
Three ways in which greater ethnic diversity has contributed to family diversity:

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