Family & Relationships - extra vocab

This is just some extra vocab I have found relevant to the friendship/family topic which you might be able to squeeze into your essays/speaking exams, I found each phrase/word from french blogs/magazines so it should all be reasonably accurate! 

Good luck! :)

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Relationships, friendships and family
English French
To maintain a friendship Entretenir une amité
To blame/find fault Reprocher de
To harrass/torment Harceler
To make jealous Faire des jaloux
A clash of generations Un choc des générations
To split up Se separer
To tell someone everything Raconter tout à (+ personne)
To leave out Laisser de côté
A scapegoat Un bouc émissaire
To reject Rejeter
To give someone a phone call Passer un coup de fil à quelqu'un
A shoulder Une épaule
The bliss Le bonheur suprême
To leave/let down Lâcher
To be there Être present/là
Shyness La timidité
To have butterflies Avoir la boule au ventre
To hear of it En entendre parler
Tapping away on his/her phone Tapoter sur son portable
To have the right to Avoir le droit à
To but your nose in... Mettre le nez dans...
Everybody does it Tout le monde fait ça
Unbearable Insupportable
Work out/Evaluate my own limitations Évaluer mes propres limites
Speak Adresser la parole
Everything revolves around him/her Tout est centré sur lui/elle
The slightest constraint La moindre contrainte


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