Family and Pets Q&A

Questions and answers about family and pets for GSCE french

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Family and Pets Q&A
People in your Family
Il y a combien de personnes dans ta famille?
How many people are there in your family?
Il y a cinq personnes dans ma famille- ma mère, mon père, mon frère, ma soeur et moi.
There are 5 people in my family -my mum, my dad, my brother, my sister and me.
To make it a higher level extend it by adding extra details such as what your family's names
are, what their hobbies are and whether you like them by describing them as annoying
(penible) or nice (sympa) ect.
Tu as des frères ou des soeurs?
Have you got any brothers or sisters?
Oui, j'ai un frère et une soeur.
Yes I have got one brother and one sister.
Non, je fils unique/ fille unique.
No I am an only child (boy)/ only child (girl)
Make it a higher level by adding descriptions of your siblings or if you are an only child say
whether you like being an only child or not.
Describing Family
Tu peux décrire ton frère/ta soeur?
Can you describe your brother/sister?
Il est comment, ton frère? Elle est comment, ta soeur?
What is your brother/sister like?
Il/mon frère est grand, avec les yeux bleus et les cheveux blonds.
He/my brother is tall with blue eyes and blonde hair.
Elle/ma soeur est petite, avec les yeux gris et les chevaux marron. Elle est mince.
She/my sister is small, with grey eyes and brown hair. She is slim.
To make it a higher level add descriptions about your siblings' character.
Family's Jobs
Que fait ton père/ta mère dans la vie?
What does your father/mother do?
Mon père est professeur.
Ma mère est programmeuse
My father is a teacher.
My mother is a computer programmer.

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Make it higher level by saying whether they like their jobs and by saying what days and
times they work and saying whether you see them enough.
Tu as un animal?
Tu peux le décrire?
Have you got a pet?
Can you describe it?
J'ai un chat. Il s'appelle Patch. Il est noir et blanc. Il est mignon.
I have a cat. His name is patch. He is black and white. He is sweet.…read more



A very useful Word document to help you practice for your French oral exams. It contains a whole range of basic questions, with sample answers and tips for those who want to achieve the higher grades.

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