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AS Sociology ­ Families
and Households
Couples…read more

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By the end of the session you will
be able to:-
Distinguish between Parsons, Bott,
Wilmott and Young and Oakley's views of
gender roles.
Outline the various views of gender roles.
Complete short answer exam question.…read more

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The Domestic Division of Labour
This refers to the roles that men and
women play in relation to housework, paid
work and childcare.
Sociologists study whether males and
females share the same tasks equally.…read more

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Gender Roles
Parsons ­ Instrumental and Expressive roles
Bott ­ Joint and segregated conjugal roles
Young and Wilmott ­ The Symmetrical View of
the family
Ann Oakley and the feminist view of gender
roles…read more

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In small groups...
Make notes on your given view of gender
roles…read more

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Parsons: Instrumental and
Expressive Roles
In the traditional nuclear family the roles of
husbands and wives are segregated ­
separate and distinct from one another.
There is a clear division of labour between
spouses.…read more

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