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"The role is the expected pattern of behaviour associated with a particular social status under defined
circumstances. Roles allow individuals to predict how others will act in particular situations and to respond
appropriately." Lawson and Garrod (2003)

In 1950s only the nuclear family is seen as the `normal' family and…

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divorce. Norman Dennis and George Erdos (Families Without Fathers, 2000) said that growing up without
father has a huge effect on boys. On average, these boys are not responsible later in their own lives and
they are immature even in adulthood. Charles Murray, the American sociologist, believes that boys who…

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he is of less importance than bug crossing the trail. In the white ways of doing things the family is not so
important. The police and soldiers take care of protecting you, the courts give you justice, the post office
carries the messages for you, the school teaches you. Everything…

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