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Sociology ­ Family

Topic Name/perspective Idea
Changing Family Patterns Murdock Family = universal, same
house, hetero, own children
Divorce Mitchell & Goody Decreased stigma for
divorce since 1960
Divorce Chester (functionalist) Remarriage = common (still
believe in marriage as
Divorce Bernard (feminist) Marriage = patriarchal >
women dissatisfied with…

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reinforce expressive role
(more maternity leave)
Drew familistic gender
regimes = promote
traditional roles /
individualistic regimes =
promote equality
Marxism Policies serve capitalism +
Donzelot policies = form of
surveillance on proletariat
Demography Harper Education of women gives
Decline in birth rate more opportunities so
delay/don't have kids…

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Chester (neoconventional Dual earner nuclear = best +
family) most part of nuclear at
some point
Rapoports Organisational, cultural,
social class, lifestage +
generational diversity
Postmodernism Freedom of choice due to
(Cheal) rapid social change +
technology + diversity BUT
relationships = more fragile
+ unstable
Feminism Diversity = good…

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Cultural explanations Gershuny Parents equal ­ you equal /
men do more work to adapt
to society with women
Man Yee Kan Men claim to do more than
dad/women less than mum
Dunne Gay couples = more
symmetrical with no gender
Material explanations Man Yee Kan Every £10,000…

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Childhood Aries Social construct > not fixed
to all times and places
Benedict Crosscultural differences in
childhood (child soldiers,
brides, workers)
Lee Child + adult cultures blur
together (Simpsons)
Postman Disappearing (TV + internet
not censored)
Palmer Toxic (junk food, exams,
video games)
Functionalism Improving more time +
money on…

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(socialise into bourgeoisie
norms), own property (work
hard so don't lose house),
unit of consumption (ads
aimed at family), punch bag
theory (take out stress at
home instead of work to
keep job)
Feminism Liberal patriarchal
Liberal (Oakly) socialisation cause
Radical (Firestone) oppression
Marxist Feminism (Rubin) Radical motherhood should


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