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Live Theatre Review: Kayleigh O'Connor
The Musical
Book by Jose Fernadez, Lyrics by Jacques Levy and Music by Steve Margoshes
Royal and Derngate Theatre, Northampton
Directed by Karen Bruce
The enthralling musical spectacular, Fame, has hit Northampton with a blast. The all singing,
all dancing cast meet the initial expectations of Fame in a vibrant outburst of colour, which
encourages people of all ages to get up on their feet and celebrate David De Silva's wonder
work creation.
The story follows the passion for fame and fortune at New York's High School for the
Performing Arts, where we are introduced to several characters; the egotistical Carmen Diaz
played by Holly James, and Tyrone Jackson, a hip hop dancer who suffers from dyslexia,
performed by Spin, who enlighten the performance with extreme energy and flair.
Realism influenced a great deal of the setting, props and costumes, being true to the age
and context, which however lost veracity, once a hamburger was dropped clumsily on stage
by members of the cast. Although the entire cast carried vigour and good old
`get-up-and-go', the lead performers didn't quite fulfil the potential some of the other cast
members had to offer.
Spin, who played Tyrone, confidently strut the stage, with street, ballet and
Latin moves, learnt from his `Dancin' on the Sidewalk'; however his vocals were weak and
brought the quality of the performance downhill. Numbers like `Can't get it down' were
destabilized with the strain in Spins voice, making a comedic performance, disastrously end
in failure, an overall joke and mockery of the casts potential.
The struggle to get it down, being quite low for Spins talent!
Enjoying the musical, took great effort to ignore Spins inability to multi-task in
the same stance and attitude, to sing at the equivalent standard to his dance ability; the
desire for other actors to take-over overcoming my satisfaction of his performance entirely.
However, overall the direction of the performance was energised to the maximum, the
audience's reaction, delighted with liberty to dance, uniting in the craze for "fame", as
though part of the cast themselves!
The choreography of the production, by director Karen Bruce, was fully conformed, creating
a visually astounding array of movement. The variation from upstage direction to downstage
delivery meant that the cast stimulated the audiences' reaction, by engaging them within

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Fame from Florida 1988 to
Northampton 2009.
The complexity of dance throughout Fame is essential, to portray the great infatuation
representative in the performance- so when cast members fell over, the satisfaction levels
dropped completely, this being truly unprofessional for a dance extravaganza, which has
been an ultimate influence in our world for over a decade. This may have been due to fatigue;
due to the physically, mentally and emotionally overwhelming commitment cast members
of a demanding show, like Fame, must be willing to face.…read more

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Trotman's participation was overly advertised; disappointing those who were
unaware of her minor role in the performance.
The finale of the performance, and the reprise of `Hardwork/Fame', sang by the `dead'
Carmen Diaz left the audience in satisfaction. However it would have been more appropriate
for another cast member to have sung it.…read more


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