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The rejection of Verificationism
Karp Popper (1902-1994) in Logic of Scientific Discovery criticised logical positivism's
focus on verification in science, which assumed an inductive approach i.e. the collection of
evidence and the development of theories/conclusions.

However, this cannot lead to certainty as the conclusions made do not always

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invisible, intangible and eternally illusive. Flew says this is, "Death by thousand
He stated that religious ideas were meaningless if believers would not allow any
sense experience to count against God, since absolutely nothing could falsify the
statements as believers keep adapting them to fit new ideas to avoid…

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Flew assumes the principle to be correct without evidence. However, it fares no
better than verificationism. It is an un-falsifiable theory. It contradicts itself. How
do we know that the only true things are empirical things?
This rules out other types of truths. However, if he is right that…


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