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Faith and Prayer and KOG…read more

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· Love for God, believing in JC and Good
· God would listen to your request, prayer
should be first not last, faith/prayer linked
closely, JC encouraged prayer, JC love
not dependant on gender, equal, trust rely
on JC, Miracles = faith, prayer is to be
effective there must be complete faith.…read more

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Now faith is being sure of what we
hope for and certain of what we do
not see ... St.paul
Two types of faith
Active Praying
In action Ask to receive
Eg. Paralysed man
Eg. Jarius' daughter
Hands together, church,
rosary, alone, groups,
countryside, art...…read more

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A miracle is....
Direct intervention by god that breaks all the
normal laws of nature.
Miracles show what god is like
compassionate willing to help in need.
Illness sign of sin, people seen as outcasts
punishment. Xns believe in JC cos he rose
from the dead !!!…read more

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Can happen Can't
JC rose from the dead little evdience
Lourdes healed natural explanations
Miracles with JC things seen in diff. ways
`Talitha Koum' = Aramaric…read more

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Vocations: help sick Doctor, Mother Tereasa
Pilgrimage: visit shrines, prayer said for sick.
Healing service: still today, pray for
suffering, laying on hands. PADRE PIO.
He was poor but rich in faith, received lots of
extraordinary gifts. Shrine built where he
lives, he got stigmata!!…read more

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