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History of Fairtrade
· The formal labelling began in late 1980's.
· In 1988 under the Dutch Development agency,
Fairtrade label Max Havelaar was launched. (Dutch
fictional character who opposed exploitation of Dutch
colony workers). Was a Fairtrade coffee from Mexico.
· 1997 ­ Fairtrade Labelling Organisation (FLO)
· FLO sets worldwide standards for the certification of
Fairtrade products. Every country involved in this has
its own organisation within this (e.g. UK ­ Fairtrade
Foundation).…read more

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Goal of Fairtrade?
· Primary goal is to gain fair and sustainable
prices for farmers and workers in LICs.
· This is to ensure that the most vulnerable
producers get at least no lower than market
prices for their produce.
· Also for better working conditions and to hand
greater control over to these producers.…read more

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· There is a Fairtrade set minimum price that
buyers must pay producers for produce.
· There is also a Fairtrade premium which goes
towards development goals (e.g. Building a
school to improve local education)
democratically agreed upon by a committee of
producers (like in Kuapa Kokoo cooperative).
· These are to ensure fairness to producers.…read more

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Fairtrade in the UK
· The Fairtrade Foundation works to improve
development in LICs and to work with
businesses, NGOs, individuals and others in
order to improve the positions of producer
· This part of the general Fairtrade target of
achieving development through trade.
· The Fairtrade mark is a key to this.…read more

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