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Agrocel Industries markets agricultural products including cotton, rice and wheat it also
supports sustainable production and organic farming.
It has over 20,000 farmers in 6 states of India.
It is harder for smallscale cotton growers as they are facing hard challenges as cotton prices
are not stable and are declining as the US and EU have used cheap subsidized cotton
As we have a high usage of chemical pesticides it is harming the environment and our
Fairtrade products are much better for the environment.
Fairtrade guarantee the minimum price covers costs of production and guarantees that the
workers are treated fairly they have clinics and schools.
The payment to the workers is much better pay.
Fairtrade workers have their own rights and other workers have to respect them.
It is very important to buy fairtrade clothes as the money goes more direct to the workers and not
just the company, the clothing is a lot better for the environment because they do not use harmful
pesticides to stop the clothing from creasing...etc
People Tree
5% of all farmland worldwide is used to grow cotton, yet 10% of all chemical pesticides and
22% of insecticides are sprayed on cotton.
Large use of pesticides can affect ecosystems and can also contaminate water supplies.
In India agricultural chemicals take up 60% of the farmers' production budget.
Astonishingly it is estimated that over 1000 farmers have committed suicide in 9 years
because they were irrevocably in debt.
Most chemicals used on clothes are toxic. There are up to 20,000 deaths from the use of
agricultural pesticides.
The farming also uses a huge amount of precious water which poorer countries do not have
a lot of water.
Organic cotton is better for the environment. It uses natural pesticides from garlic to chili and
soap these are better than the harmful toxic pesticides used.
Wealthier people will pay more for better quality clothes. Organic farmers get paid 30%
premium above the normal price.
The cotton is bought before so the farmers aren't at any risk or being injured.
The organic cotton is better for the environment as it uses natural pesticides on its clothing such as
soap and chili this helps the ecosystem and plants. Non organic cotton is sold cheaply and the
workers are paid poorly and come into contact with possible diseases.


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