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Britain and The Home Front
Key Facts for the British Society Exam…read more

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Ordinary People
Their spirits needed to be kept high in order for the
war to be won
Everyone was expected to contribute to the war effort
They were the people who produced the goods that
were used on the front line
British Summer Time (1914) meant that there would be
more working hours in the Summer and pub opening
times decreased
To increase productivity and decrease drunkenness, beer was also
watered down…read more

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Defence of Realms Act
Introduced in1914 and it gave the government the
power to:
Control information coming from the front line to the public
(letters, radio, newspapers)
Make newspapers focus on German brutality
Make it illegal to discuss military matters with the public or make
comments that would damage people's spirits
DORA gave the government the right to introduce
DORA gave the government more power than it had
ever had before…read more

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DORA and the Industry
DORA gave the government the power to control and
take over lands, building, mimes, railways and farms
Lloyd George was the
Minister of Munitions
He could force workers to leave their current job and go to
another site where they were needed
1915 there was a munitions crisis on the Western Front
of shells, bullets and guns
The Ministry took over 20,000 munitions factories and
controlled the wages of workers…read more

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Recruitment in the Early Stages
Lord Kitchener was Ministry of war- put in charge of
recruiting soldiers
Over half a million men joined up in the first 6 weeks
They wanted to see the world
The government thought the war would be over by Christmas
Men wanted to "do their bit"
It was going to be "fun"
Pal's Battalions- men from a friendship group who would join
up together, fight together and most likely die together
"Most patriotic" competitions…read more

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Introduction Opposition
1915 Didn't want to fight due to anti-
Huge losses, recruitment had war beliefs
slowed down and demand 1916 British Neutrality League
increased Called "Conscientious objectors" or
Derby Scheme had failed. It was "Conchies"
set up in order to get men to join White feathers were given out to
the war if they were asked them= they are cowards
1916 Military Service Act Attended court cases to see if
introduced conscription they were worthy to not fight
Aimed at single men18-40 years
old but was extended to married Out comes:
men Given non-combat duties (drivers)
Men in skilled jobs weren't called Forced to fight
up (mining) Sentenced to death if they did non
of the above…read more

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