Factors Of Customer Service Card Sort

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Factors Of Customer Service
Customer Service is the experience that a customer gets when dealing with a business ­ the
extent to which that experience meets and exceeds customer needs and expectation.
On Time Service Will encourage repeat purchase, and will
promote good word of mouth.
Innovation Helps you to stay ahead of the
competition, giving your customers what
they want before your competition does,
making them favour you.
Collaboration Will improve what is being offered, for
example, buy something at one shop and
you get a voucher for another shop.
Spotting Problems Makes sure you defeat problems
before they affect your customer's
interest in your business.
Dealing With Complaints If you do this badly, your business
could be affected.
Staff Training If your staffs know what they are doing then
it will look more professional towards
the customer. Or when making a
product, only well trained staff can
make the products properly.
Going Beyond What Is Expected This can be a major selling point, as it keeps
your customers interested.
Quality Meeting the standard that satisfies the
customer's needs, is called having _______.
Meeting Customer's Needs This is when the customers are given what
they want, making them happy.


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