Factors influencing development

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Geography global issues development revision
Factors influencing development
Natural resources can increase a wealth of a country as it can meet its own
needs and also export to other countries
Climate for agriculture and tourism can increase productivity in these
Landlocked/coastal- coastal makes trade of imports/exports easier.
Although landlocked countries can form secure political trade links with
surrounding countries.
Colonialism in the 18/19th centuries- European countries took over
resources from South American and Africa so these resources aren't
available for exploitation now
Government policy's- that back productivity, creativity, business/industry
development are better developed
Military regime's lower development
Human capital- education/skills of workforce, extent of workforce
Gender equality- amount of educated women and women working in tertiary
Population growth- can stimulate growth due to more in workforce or
reduce growth due to less workforce and an ageing population
Disease- e.g. malaria can reduce economic growth due to more spending on
healthcare and less people available to work.
FDI (foreign direct investment) e.g. Microsoft invested $250million in
`partners in learning' project to provide teachers with IT skills around the
world and increase access to digital technologies with the aims of
empowering students to find employment, start their own businesses,
contribute to local economies through modern day skills.


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