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Factors Influencing Attitudes to Food and Eating

Parental Attitudes/Control
o Mother is strong role model.
o Social Learning Theory (SLT)
o Children learn about food by watching others eat.
o Children observe parents eating and being rewarded by enjoying the food, the children imitate
these food preferences as they…

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Mood and Food
o Food can be comforting when we are feeling down and we associate foods with pleasurable
o Research has shown people who are stressed or of low mood `comfort eat' by increasing
carbohydrate and sugar intake.
o Link between happy moods and more nutritious foods.…

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o Research has show stress can have to opposite effects on eating.
o Lab studies found p's eat less when stressed (Willenbring et al). This was demonstrated with
marines during combat situations (Popper et al) and students.
o Naturalistic study of stress at work found periods of high workload…


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