factors for mussolini's greatest achievement

to what extend was _______________ mussolinis greatest achivement

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To what extend was Mussolini's greatest achievement between 1922 and 1944?
1. FoReIgN PoLicY
Argument Counter Argument Evaluation
War with Abyssinia ­ East African empire Invasion of Corfu 1923 had to back down ­ humiliating. Very important ­ east
1935 African empire
Reinforce them as great power as they are By 1936 ­ pinnacle of
with Britain and France success great, respected
and feared
Ultimately ­ lead to the
end of fascism regime the
begging of the end.
Fume 1924 ­ gaining land as well as Spanish civil wars don't gain anything ­ lose 4000 people
turning the mutilated victory and 8 billion lira
Influence in Balkans
Locarno pact1925 peacemaker image in Withdrawal from the league of nations 1937 lose the
Europe Prestige image of respect shows them as aggressive
Munich conference 1938­ respected as Entering war 1940 ­ lead to the end of fascism.
asked by Britain
Protectorate of Albania increase the
influence in Balkans, shows them as
respected, strengthens their image in
Stresa front 1935­ prevents Germany from
breaking the Treaty of Versailles
Four power pacts ­ fact that it was signed
shows improvement in position of Italy in

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Europe and among the great powers such
as Britain and France.
Link to religious policies: Mussolini's foreign policies did little to Italy internally. Mussolini continued to achieve his aims through domestic policies such as
religious policies which turned out a great success as foreign policy it was never achieved before.
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Recognition from pope that Rome is Italy's Increased foreign ambitions led to destruction of
successful religious policies
Link to economic policies
3. EconomiC pOLicies
Argument Counter argument Evaluation :
Introduced public work schemes to cooperate state became a disaster confusing and materialistic it became Less
tackle the depression ­ advisory ­ thus a failure important
building roads and power plants than church
reformation of land ­ battle of grain and foreign
policies as it
was not very
and policies
was limited.…read more

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Fascist government stepped in and Autarky meant that poverty, illiteracy and industrial underdevelopment in
bailed the banks out south Italy
IRI was formed in January 1993 Unpopular idea that economic hardship would make tougher Italians thus
which bailed banks out ­ ended with failing to raise standards of life
shares in industries failed to be selfsufficient debts grew as a result of this
Middle class now employed by Battle of grain lead to traditional agricultural export items such as oranges
government declined
Industries brought revenues…read more

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Employment of women in government Women in agricultural and industries were
reduced to 10% reinforcing the idea that encouraged and protected
women should be serving at home.…read more


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