Factors encouraging people to go West

This word document contains key information on the factors which encouraged people to go west. There is also a section on who moved west and settled on the Great Plains after 1865.

I have listed the key points which you will need to learn for the exam, but also highlighted key words to help you remember the points.

If you need any more information on what is listed, these notes can be found on bbc bitesize, not in note form, with more detail, but you will only really need the summerised points which are on the document.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me :)

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First 211 words of the document:

Who settled the Great Plains?
· After 1865 thousands of settlers moved onto the plains
freed slaves ­ start new life, escape economic problems after civil war
european immigrants ­ seeking political/religous freedom, escape
younger sons ­ chance to own land
other americans (tradesman+government) hoped to make a living
from farmers
Factors encouraging people to go West
· The Homestead Act ­ 1862
allowed homesteaders to claim 160 acres of land if they worked on it
for 5 years
free land attracted people
· Railroads
launched a massive sales campaign offering a 'settlement package'
including: a safe, cheap and quick journey west
temporary accommodation in 'hotels' until families had
built their own homes
schools, churches + no taxes for 5 years
· Manifest Destiny
white americans were superior and that it was their obvious fate to
expand and encourage the american way of life on the great plains
· Tall Tales
once the population of a place reached 60,000 it could apply to be a
state of the USA
local governments encouraged publicity campaigns which claimed you
could grow pumpkins as big as houses, so many people moved west
thinking they would earn a fortune


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