Factors affecting Value

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Factors affecting Value: Complete
Up-to-date It is important that all the information
Complete is complete, as it can cause problems.
Accuracy Doing a survey based on UK but
Intended Use only basing it at England and
Scotland. It is incomplete because it
doesn't involve Wales and Northern
A manager has asked for a sales
report and some of the information
she asked for on the report is
missing resulting in her having to
base a decision on only part of the
information, which is more risky.
Up-to-date Accuracy
Information should always be date Information from a computer system
stamped so that there is no danger of must be as accurate as it can be
using out of date information. because errors can result in problems.
You could send a letter to a Customers being sent the wrong
customer threatening legal action items- this costs money to sort out
for a bill that your records show had and will upset the customer.
not been paid when the customer
Typing in details in from a customer
had paid but this had not been
updated on the computer. over the phone and mishearing
them and typing in the wrong
address resulting in goods being
sent to the wrong address.


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