Factors affecting population sizes.

Birth rates and death rates and what affects them.

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Population size.
The factors affecting birth rates.
Economic conditions.
o Countries with lower incomes tend to have a higher birth rate overall.
Cultural and religious backgrounds.
o Some cultures encourage larger families.
o Some religions are opposed to birth control.
Social pressures/conditions.
o A large family can improve social standing.
Birth control.
o The amount to which birth control is used will have an effect upon the birth rate.
o Whether abortion is acceptable will also have a marked influence upon the amount of
Political factors.
o Government policies on education and taxation can have an effect on the number of
babies born.
BIRTH RATE = (number of births per years/total population in the same year) x 100
The factors affecting death rates.
Age profile.
o The greater the proportion of elderly people the higher the death rate.
Life expectancy at birth.
o The population of a more economically developed country will live longer than those
who are born in less economically developed countries.
Food supply.
o Having a readily available supply of food lowers the death rate.
Safe drinking water and effective sanitation.
o The risk of contracting water-borne diseases is greatly lessened.
Medical care.
Natural disasters.
o The more prone a region to disasters such as earthquakes, the higher the death rate
will be.
DEATH RATE = (number of deaths per year/total population in the same year) x 100
Demographic transition begins with a high birth rate and a short life expectancy, and ends with a low
birth rate and a long life expectancy.


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