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Choices of research topic


The values of the researcher are undoubtedly going to play a role in what they decide to
research because a person is unlikely to carry out research into a subject that they do not
consider to be particularly important, let alone spend a large amount…

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Foundation, universities, businesses or charities/independent bodies such as the Rowntree
Foundation. One of the problems this immediately throws up is that it leaves sociological
research open to the special interests and influence of those who fund the study in the first
place. While this may not be the case for…

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between participants and researchers which adversely affect the data. This has particular
problems for those carrying out experiments of various sorts as it means that there is less
chance of having full control of the variables involved, and it also threatens the validity of the
research as people may act…

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have taken different positions with regards to some ethics. One of those that can be looked
at closely is Goode (1999, 2002) which was a study of members of the National
Association for the Advancement of Fat Americans where those who were studied only
consented to being involved if he…




Would be much easier to read with proper punctuation. However the content is good.

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