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This revision booklet covers all the specs, taken from slides created by OCR that I have used at school. This will be useful if you are re-sitting the F451 exam from last year. Please note this is not for the new Computing h046 h0446 which took effect in September 2015. However it will most likely contain information which is still relevant. In addition, some extra details may not be in the document as they were not in the slides. I would recommend still going over past papers (type h047 in your web browser) as well to get a better understanding of what the examiner wants. Finally, some of the information of changed as the slides which were used are quite old. For example with the definition of an Interrupt has changed from a message to a signal. I hope you find this useful, apologies as the exam is very near. 

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1.1a) Hardware and Software
Hardware The physical parts of the system. E.g.Printer, mouse, keyboard
Software Sets of instructions which tell the computer how to do things. E.g. Word Processor

Input Device Any piece of hardware which sends data to the computer.
Output Device Any piece of hardware which receives data…

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Design Working out what the system will do and look like. Items to be included are:
Input screens
Output screens
Data capture methods
Data structures
Implementation plan
Test plan
Development Where the actual system is created. It involves:
Writing code/algorithms
Modifying existing software
Producing/buying any hardware
Testing The…

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Produce DFDs
o To show entities, processes, data flow and storage
Produce system flowcharts
o To show the stages of the system operating
Produce a list of problems
o Which will be addressed in the new solution
Produce a requirement specification
o Which must be fulfilled if the developer is…

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White Box Testing is a method of testing software that tests internal structures or workings of an
application, as opposed to its functionality.
Alpha Testing This test takes place at the developer's site. Developers observe the users and note
Types of Implementation:
o Straight swap to new system…

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Payroll Usually a batch process, Income Tax and National Insurance automatically deducted.
Process Control Often used in manufacturing.
o Switches, thermistor, LDR, PIR
o Can be set to follow programmed actions
o Can use negative feedback
o Motor, valve, solenoid, lights, siren, monitor
EPOS Electronic point of…

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o Stores knowledge from experts
Inference engine
o Stores the methods to interrogate the knowledge
User interface
o Allows the user to interact with the system

1.2q) Operating Systems
Functions of an OS:
Protects the hardware from the software
Allows the software to communicate with the hardware
Provides a user…

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Natural language
o Communicate with the computer in a natural way
o Good for nonexperts

1.2u) The importance of a good interface
Why is it important?
Without an effective interface, users would find it difficult and slow to use the software
Take into account:
The user
The environment

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Check digit ­ A digit produced by a piece of maths to check that manual entry of data was

1.3g) Output formats
Possible forms of outputs:
Interactive presentations

1.3h) Backing up and Archiving
Backing up:
Copying data to a removable medium so that…

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Two types of methods wireless and wired.
o Can reach up to 100m
o Often used for laptops, projectors, cameras and other roaming devices
o Can reach around 10m
o Often used by mobiles, cars, earpieces etc.
o Needs a line of sight connection
o Distance…


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