Extract of Mice and Men

I struggled to find some extracts to print of and analyse. Here are three extracts that might be helpful. No copy right intended.

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Of Mice and Men
Extract 1
Curley stepped over to Lennie like a terrier. `What the
hell you laughin' at?'
Lennie looked blankly at him. `Huh?'
Then Curley's rage exploded. `Come on, ya big bastard.
Get up on your feet. No big son-of-a-bitch is gonna laugh
at me. I'll show you who's yella.'
Lennie looked helplessly at George, and then he got up
and tried to retreat. Curley was balanced and poised. He
slashed at Lennie with his left, and then smashed down
his nose with a right. Lennie gave a cry of terror. Blood
welled from his nose. `George,' he cried. `Make `um let
me alone, George.' He backed until he was against the
wall, and Curley followed, slugging him in the face.
Lennie's hands remained at his sides; he was too
frightened to defend himself.
George was on his feet yelling, `Get him, Lennie. Don't let
him do it.'
Lennie covered his face with his huge paws and bleated
with terror. He cried, `Make `um stop, George.' Then
Curley attacked his stomach and cut off his wind.
Slim jumped up. `The dirty little rat,' he cried, `I'll get `um
George put out his hand and grabbed Slim. `Wait a
minute,' he shouted. He cupped his hands around his
mouth and yelled, `Get `im, Lennie!'
Lennie took his hands away from his face and looked
about for George, and Curley slashed at his eyes. The big
face was covered with blood. George yelled again, `I said
get him.'

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Curley's fist was swinging when Lennie reached for it. The
next minute Curley was flopping like a fish on a line, and
his closed fist was lost in Lennie's big hand. George ran
down the room. `Leggo of him, Lennie. Let go.'
But Lennie watched in terror the flopping little man whom
he held. Blood ran down Lennie's face, one of his eyes
was cut and closed. George slapped him on the face
again and again, and still Lennie held on to the closed fist.…read more

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Extract 2
Crooks put his dark chin into his pink palm. `You travel
aroun' with George, don't ya?'
`Sure. Me an' him goes ever' place together.'
Crooks continued, `Sometimes he talks, and you don't
know what the hell he's talking about. Ain't that so?' He
leaned forward, boring Lennie with his deep eyes. `Ain't
that so?'
`Yeah... sometimes. But... not always.'
Crooks leaned forward over the edge of the bunk. `I ain't
a southern negro,' he said. `I was born right here in
California.…read more

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His excitement had increased
until he pounded his knee with his hand. `George can tell
you screwy things, and it don't matter. It's just the
talking. It's just bein' with another guy. That's all.' He
His voice grew soft and persuasive. `S'pose George don't
come back no more. `S'pose he took a powder and just
ain't coming back. What'll you do then?'
Lennie's attention came gradually to what had been said.
`What?' he demanded.…read more

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Extract 3
Lennie's big fingers fell to stroking her hair.
`Don't you muss it up,' she said.
Lennie said, `Oh! That's nice,' and he stroked harder.
`Oh, that's nice.'
`Look out, now, you'll muss it.' And then she cried
angrily, `You stop it now, you'll mess it all up.' She jerked
her head sideways and Lennie's fingers closed on her hair
and hung on. `Let's go,' she cried. `You let go.'
Lennie was in a panic. His face was contorted.…read more

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And then he whispered in fright, `I
done a bad thing. I done another bad thing.'
He pawed up the hay until it partly covered her.
From outside the barn came a cry of men and the double
clang of shoes on metal. For the first time Lennie became
conscious of the outside. He crouched down in the hay
and listened. `I done a real bad thing,' he said. `I
shouldn't of did that. George'll be mad. An'... he said...…read more


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