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Extract from Out of the Blue ­ Conflict Poem
Powerless courage
Last words
About 911 ­ Someone on top of the building?
Direct address ­ `You'
You have picked me out ­ appeal to the watchers
Standard stanzas ­ neat
Building burning ­ Twin towers: alliteration
Twirling, turning ­ motion and movement before ending
11th September 2001
Point of view of an English trader in the North Tower
Narrating and commentating
Voice from the grave
`A soul worth saving' ­ Plaintive/sad/mournful
So when will you come? Rhetorical question
Written for filming ­ repetition because camera was wobbling
He becomes a metaphor
`Bullying, driving' ­ personifying
Not going to jump out of the building ­ shows hope
Man can't fly ­ contrasting poignant
`Appalling, appalling' ­ internal rhyme/onomatopoeia
Attackers had belief that they were correct
Watching others
Thinking of others
Voice plosive
Can you understand that I am alive?
Tension between lines (enjambment)
Sections of the building ­ abnormal shape
Personifying the building as a beast
Attacking the building
Dying ­Fading spirit
Referring to wife
Playing on words
Spirit has come and gone


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