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This extract comes from the end of the novel where George has no choice but to kill Lennie.
It is his final act of friendship.
At the beginning of this extract Lennie says "I thought you was mad at me George?" And
George replies "no Lennie I anin't mad. I never been mad an' I ain't now. That's the thing I
want you to know". This creates atmosphere of compassion as george tries to forgive
Lennie even though Lennie has done wrong.
The next line builds up tension "the voices came close now" this shows us that Lennie is
being hunted and George knows he has to speed up even though he wants to prolong it.
"George raised the gun and steadied it," the fact that George has to steady the gun tells us
how he doesn't want to do it. "He brought the muzzle of it close to the back of Lennie's
head." This bit is really detailed creating more atmosphere.
"He pulled the trigger" this is a short sentence which builds tension. "The crash of the shot
rolled up the hills and down again" This means it echos in something empty like George is
empty. "Lennie settled slowly forward to the sand" This is a peaceful death for Lennie and
gives us comfort that it was not a violent death.
"The brush seemed to fill with cries and the sound of running feet" here Steinbeck changed
the mood from a peaceful death to cries, and the tension of Curley arriving. "the group burst
in" This builds the tension and counter acts with the mood of just George and Lennie to the
At the end of the extract it is sad. " Slim sat very close to him. Never you mid, said slim.
A guy got to sometimes" we see here that Slim forgives George for killing Lennie and
consoles him. It sums up the feeling of loneliness and friendship, that sometime you have to.


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