Exploring the Character of Bathsheba Everdene - Far From the Madding Crowd

Hi, I'm not sure if this'll be any help to anyone but I decided to upload it anyway as I found it and hopefully it'll be of some use to someone :)

I think it might have been the start of a essay or brief description.

I have more work on this subject... If this doesn't help you maybe something else will.

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Far From the Madding Crowd
Bathsheba Everdene

The author, Thomas Hardy, describes Bathsheba as a very vain lady `She
did not adjust her hat, or pat her hair, or press a dimple into shape or do one
thing to signify that any such intention had been her motive in taking…

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Bathsheba's second suitor, William Boldwood, is a respectable
middle-aged farmer who ends up being the next admirer of Bathsheba. They
both meet about halfway into the story and Bathsheba later playfully sends
him a valentine embossed with the two single words "Marry Me". Despite his
reserved character and impressive personal…


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