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Exploration for minerals
Drilling and downhole logging

Borehole drilling allows us to create a 3dimensional shape and size of orebody
We can find out the rock geochemistry through
chemical analysis ­ atomic absorption spectrometry (AA) /
xray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) /
inductively coupled plasma mass spectography (ICPMS)

A borehole allows…

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Access may be difficult over wider areas
Geological mapping

Field work based ­ direct observation using trained geologists
High level of accuracy to pinpoint resources at the surface prior to exploitation
Can be very detailed ­ good to assess the problems of exploitation and viability
of resource
Samples can…

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Geophysical surveying

Electrical Resistivity Survey
This method is used for gold exploration
Two electrodes are placed in the ground and an electrical current is passed between
If the rock is a good conductor it will have low resistance

Magnetic Survey
Using a magnetometer to measure magnetic readings.
Can be…


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