Exploitation and development in tundra areas -sibera

The Nenets Reindeer herders of Siberia

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The Nenets, Reindeer herders of Siberia
½ Nenets in towns and villages, ½ still
traditional herdsmen
North West Siberia, Yamal region, north of
Arctic Circle, Tundra
¼ world natural gas in Yamal region
Reindeer continue to migrate over the region ­ conflict
8th Brigade, collectivised by the Russian State
Brigadier ­ leader of the brigade
Eating Sun dried bread dried 3 months ago, have to be
selfreliant for food supplies
Vodka part of their diet ­ why?
9 Nenets in the chum (ranging from 78 years old to 3) plus
interpreter, 3 cameramen, and Bruce in tepee = 14
1500/2000 reindeer being moved main herd 7000
20km a day entire migration will take 5 months from north to
south, Bruce with them for 5 weeks= 200km
Put up chum
In times of the USSR, hunting for meat paid well in comparison to urban jobs eg: teaching, medicine
Perestroika led to the restructuring of the previously communist
economy allowing more market freedom and opening up to
international markets
Reindeer provide them with Food, Clothing, Shelter + Transport
reindeer are central to the Nenets culture
60 people in the brigade in 9 chums
Rest Day ­ Repairs + looking after the reindeer
Lakes frozen over in the winter
Chum ­ covered in reindeer skin to insulate
Fish eaten salted a month ago for presentation
Children are required to attend boarding school until the age of 16 but
spend holidays with their families herding the reindeer
Toast for revolution day ­ link to communist past
Whiteout ­ snow blizzard caused by strong winter storm winds
Reindeer graze on the lichen
Eating the reindeer raw
Son is qualified vet, educated people
45min 45seconds
Helicopter flies by ­ linked to gas field
Future pipelines built above ground would block the migration route and cause industrial pollution
Need to work together and share the land
Russian government will protect rights of indigenous people but haven't signed the UN declaration
Extra details:
· Oil discovered in 1980s ­ Bovanenkova
· Roads, railways + barracks built leading to the destruction of large areas of pasture
· Areas devastated by oil and waters polluted so fish stocks decline
· Overgrazing by reindeer for remaining areas

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Wooden Corral ­ inoculated divided into those for town and those returning North
49min 40 1000 reindeer taken to town ­ to slaughter for profit
55min 45 Nenets had a house in town with TV, washing machine + cooker but preferred chum, material
possessions v freedom.…read more


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