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EXPLANATIONS of dysfunctional behaviour

1. Behaviourist (Watson and Rayner, 1920)
2. Biological (Wender et al, 1986)
3. Cognitive (Beck et al, 1974)

Behaviourist explanation of dysfunctional behaviour

One possible explanation of dysfunctional behaviour is given by the behaviourist
perspective in psychology. Broadly, this perspective assumes that we are born as…

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the result of something different or "abnormal" about the biology of the person
exhibiting the behaviour ­ they are seen to have a disease that must be treated. This
way of thinking about dysfunctional behaviour is referred to as the medical or disease
model, which involves the study of what…

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as the result of habitual depressive thought patterns, often as the result of a stimulus
such as divorce or bereavement ­ this type of depression is referred to as reactive
depression. The study conducted by Beck et al went into this theory more specifically,
and its results are characteristic of…


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