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Explanations of Adolescent Identity

Theory Evidence

Erikson's theory of Psychosocial Erikson claims that before adolescence, the child Very influential theory that has helped us to form general
Development establishes a sense of identity but that it's challenged ideas on how teens are stressed and their consequent
by the emotions etc.…

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Explanations of Adolescent Identity

one identity. The research only focussed on western

Marcia's Theory Erikson's work was oversimplified. He also argued that SUPPORTING- Marcia's identity statuses were supported
there are different ways in which teens can fail to by research... MEILMAN- Used the identity statuses of
achieve a stable…

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Explanations of Adolescent Identity

have done in past). Not all adolescents pass through stable in your choices as a teen it doesn't mean you can't
each stage. have another identity crisis.

Blos' Adolescent Relationship One view of teen relationships is the transition from SUPPORTING EVIDENCE- STEINBURG ET AL- measured


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