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explanations of crime
and deviance (9)
explanations…read more

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Crime and Women
· OCS tend to show women commit less
crime than men
· 2000 women in prison making 4% of the
prison population
· Females mainly imprisoned for non-violent
· These stats are seen in two ways;
1. The statistics are incorrect ­ women commit crime
2. The statistics are largely correct ­ women commit
less crime…read more

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Female Crime Underestimated by OCS
­ Women naturally better at concealing crime
­ Police and courts treat females more leniently and
that police culture is `paternalistic' and females don't
fit the stereotype of `suspicious' or `criminal' = less
likely to be stopped, arrested or charged
­ Women's domestic roles provide opportunities
for committing crimes that could easily be
covered up (child abuse, domestic violence)
­ (Above criticised due to claims being based on stereotypical
images of women and victim surveys provide little support that
women are committing crime and going undetected BUT males
may be embarrassed to report DV ­ NSPCC also found majority
of offenders of child abuse and DV = male)…read more

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Female Crime Underestimated by OCS
­ Women treated more leniently in courts due to judges being
reluctant to separate women from children
­ Women regarded less dangerous than men
­ Women's motives are not violent ­ simply the result of
acting emotionally and irrationally; not driven by greed or
­ Self reports: females commit more crime than is recorded
­ Women more likely to be given psychiatric care as
alternative to prison ­ believe women more prone to
emotional crisis…read more

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Evaluation of Female crime
underestimated by OCS (1)
· Police treatment not consistent with `chivalry
thesis' ­ rape victims and prostitutes complain about
uncaring way police treat them as well as certain
groups of women (working class and African-
Caribbean's more likely to be treated harshly by
· Women cautioned more than convicted ­ could
have something to do with seriousness of the nature of
crime committed
· Evidence women may be treated more harshly by
courts for certain types of crime (child abuse,
murder of male partner even if DV involved) due to
fact they are acting against their natural roles…read more

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Evaluation of Female crime
underestimated by OCS (2)
­ Female delinquents more likely to be given
custodial sentence compared to males due to being
seen as `more at risk'
­ Women treated more harshly by police and courts if
they stray from social norms of traditional female
femininity and sexuality e.g. if there sexual
orientation is lesbian…read more

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