Explain why Jews regard Moses as such an important figure

A question that I've found while revising, I got 6/6 on it but as my teacher said: "Excellent, but too much information! You will only have 6-7 minutes for this in the exam." I completely agree with what he put. It was at the very start of the course in year 10 and so I just used my book and thought I'll include everything possible so it will be all in one place when I revise - I am glad I did! So in the exam hopefully I will be able to remember enough of it to write three point with an explanation :) (It's amazing the mistakes you see when you re-read stuff - I think I need to start doing it :S )Hope this helps you revise this part of the topic :)

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Miss KHP


Thanks for posting this!

Train yourself to answer 6 mark questions without writing masses of irrelevant information as you are being time in the exam.

Here is a model answer that got full marks. Be a marker and highlight why they got 6/6 to help you think about the way you need to be writing/what you need to be adding etc.

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