Explain why Jews regard Moses as such an important figure

A question that I've found while revising, I got 6/6 on it but as my teacher said: "Excellent, but too much information! You will only have 6-7 minutes for this in the exam." I completely agree with what he put. It was at the very start of the course in year 10 and so I just used my book and thought I'll include everything possible so it will be all in one place when I revise - I am glad I did! So in the exam hopefully I will be able to remember enough of it to write three point with an explanation :) (It's amazing the mistakes you see when you re-read stuff - I think I need to start doing it :S )Hope this helps you revise this part of the topic :)

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Explain why Jews regard Moses as such an important figure (6 marks)
Jews regard Moses as such an important figure for many reasons. Firstly G-d talked to Moses. This,
for them, is significant as it shows that Moses can be trusted as G-d trusted him. Moses then went on
to deliver G-d's messages and therefore became a Prophet of G-d, this shows that Moses was
willing to listen and respected G-d as you should. So Moses is highly regarded as he was a role model
chosen by G-d.
Moses also aided the release of Israelites out of slavery and into freedom. This showed great
strength and knowledge as with G-d's word he led them to Mount Sinai. This is a very significant
moment as it changed history, and as Moses was the "head" of the freedom, he is regarded
important and celebrated, along with the historic moment, today at a Jewish festival once a year
called Passover (Pesach). During this festival Jews commemorate the day with special foods and
customs which remind them what it was like for the Israelites before freedom.
As well as these reasons Moses also developed the covenant relationship through the Ten
Commandments he received from G-d. During his "meetings" with G-d on Mount Sinai Moses was
told many things, including how Jews should live their life. It was then, when Moses received five
books from the word of G-d, and it's these five books that make up the Torah. This is important as
Moses received and repeated, as G-d wanted, the direct words of G-d and so Jews regard Moses as
an important figure.


Miss KHP

Thanks for posting this!

Train yourself to answer 6 mark questions without writing masses of irrelevant information as you are being time in the exam.

Here is a model answer that got full marks. Be a marker and highlight why they got 6/6 to help you think about the way you need to be writing/what you need to be adding etc.

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