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Know what an expert
system is
Describing its
components and
applications.…read more

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Expert system is also known as knowledge
based system (KBS).
It is a computer program made up of
knowledge and rules that is used to
diagnose a problem.
Used for making decisions.
Tries to replicate the role of the human
expert.…read more

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Called an expert system because the
knowledge and rules are said by experts in
a particular field.
NHS website. All the symptoms and
information about different illnesses have
been collected by experts in that field.…read more

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A true expert system will be able to:
Make decisions based on uncertain data
Be limited to an area of expertise
Give advise based on advise of the users (e.
g. NHS website says what to do if you have
`ear' problem)
Explain the reasoning behind the decision.…read more

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3 main components
1. Knowledge base
2. Inference engine
3. User interface…read more

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