Experiments based on photosynthesis

Includes :

  • Testing for starch
  • Demonstrating that light is needed for photosynthesis
  • Demonstrating that chlorophyll is needed for photosynthesis
  • Demonstrating that Carbon Dioxide is neede for photosynthesis
  • Is oxygen a result of photosynthesis?
  • The effect of carbon dioxide concentration on the rate of photsynthesis
  • The effect of light intensity on photosynthesis
  • The effect of temperature on photosynthesis
  • The effect of nitrogen deficiency on a healthy plant
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Experiments for Photosynthesis


1) Testing for Starch
Destarch a plant by placing it in a dark room for 48 hours
Cover some leaves with aluminium foil
Place the plant in the light for 24 hours
Boil water in two separate water baths using a Bunsen burner
Cut one covered…

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This set up is left in the light for 24 hours
(Results: The plant was tested positively for starch )
B) The other plant was placed in another container with a filter pump and a tube
bringing in sodalime attached to the stopper in the opening
The plant's base was…

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The set up is placed on a retort stand
A Bunsen burner is placed under the stand
This set up is repeated five times with the water being at different temperatures
(Results: At a low temperature a small amount of oxygen was produced but as
the temperature increased so did…


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