experiments and variables

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Experiments and variables
An experiment is when 2 groups are compared to see if there is a
difference. Experiments will involve at least 2 types or variable:
independent and dependant
Independent variable: the one that is altered or changed to create 2 groups
Dependant variable: the thing you are measuring
Operationalised variables are used to make the experiment easy to
understand and use
Operationalised variables
This is to word the variables in a way that makes them clear and testable
Operationalised independent variables should include both groups or
Operationalised dependant variables should relate to a number. E.g. number
of..., score on..., rating on...
variable Non operationalised operationalised
DV memory Number of pictures remembered in 1
DV happiness Number of times observed laughing
IV music 2 types of music played (hip hop and
IV attachment Attachment type measured in the
strange situation type A, B or C


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