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Veins Arteries
Carry blood from the capillaries Carries blood away from the
to the heart. heart into arterioles
Capillaries Smaller then arteries but
Tiny vessels that link arterioles which control the blood flow
to veins. from the arteries to the
capillaries.…read more

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All blood vessels have the same basic structure:
1.Tough Outer Layer: This is resistant to pressure
from the inside and outside.
2.Muscle Layer: Contracts and so controls the
flow of blood.
3.Elastic layer: This helps maintain the blood
pressure by stretching and springing back.
4.Endothelium: Smooth to prevent friction and
thin to allow diffusion to take place.
5.Lumen: This is the central cavity of the blood
vessel through which blood flows.…read more

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Arteries transport blood rapidly under high pressure from the heart to the
Muscle layer:
·Thick compared to veins.
·Smaller arteries are constricted in order to control the volume of blood passing
through them.
Elastic layer:
·Thick compared to veins.
·To with stand blood pressure as it is high in the arteries.
·Systole and diastole both take place in the artery where elastic wall is stretched
and at springs back at every heart beat.
·Overall it is thick which also resists vessel bursting whilst under pressure
·No valves as blood is under high pressure so does not tend to flow backwards.…read more

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Veins transport blood slowly under low pressure from the tissues in the body to the
Muscle layer:
·Thin as they carry blood away from the tissues and so constriction cannot control
the flow of blood.
Elastic Layer:
·Thin as there is low pressure within veins which will not cause them to burst.
·Overall thickness is small as there is no need for a thick wall. Pressure with in the
walls are low and so there is no risk of bursting.
·Valves throughout veins to ensure blood does not flow backwards.…read more

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Arterioles carry blood under low pressure then arteries, from arteries to the
Muscle Layer:
·Thicker then arteries
Elastic layer:
·Thinner then the arteries because blood pressure is lower.…read more

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